Choosing the Right Car for Your Teenage Driver

The moment your teenager turns 16 years old, it can be the best birthday they celebrate so far, while for parents it can be bittersweet. This is because in Ontario, the legal age to have a driver’s license starts at the peak age of sweet 16. This means that some teenagers are eager to start driving […]

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Be Aware of These House Fire Hazards

House fires are more common than you think. 74% of structural loss fires in Ontario are residential fires. In Ontario, from 2009 to 2018, statistics show there were 113,111 fires with reported losses. Residential fires account for 47% of these fires. There are a variety of risks and common causes of residential fires. Learn the […]

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Insurance for Classic Cars

Since it is officially summer season and the warm weather is back, this allows many classic car owners the opportunity to show off and drive their vehicles out for all admirers to see. However, these car owners must always stay cautious and prepared for any and all road conditions because of how rare and old […]

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Personal injury attorney: Legal Guidance for Cape Coral !

Legal Guidance for Cape Coral and Fort Myers Residents in Injury, Bankruptcy, Family, and Estate Planning Matters For most of us, encountering a problem that requires venturing into the legal system or finding ourselves unwillingly embroiled in a lawsuit can be a stressful and unexpected experience. Even if you have some knowledge of the legal […]

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10 Tips On How To Lower Car Insurance Rates In 2019 (Auto Insurance)

Auto Insurance / 10 Tips On How To Lower Car Insurance Rates In 2019 Car insurance rates have been increasing, overall, for the past few years, and that trend is expected to continue in 2019. The number of customers receiving an annual rate increase of more than $200 per vehicle has more than doubled during the past […]

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Cost of Living in 2020 (Living Expenses / Taxes / Healthcare) & More

How does the cost of living in your area compare? Cost of Living in 2020 (Living Expenses / Taxes / Healthcare) & More If you’re considering moving to a different town or city you’ll be wondering what salary you’d got to maintain your standard of living within the new location. Are the opposite cities on your list more or less affordable than your current home? […]

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Be Aware of These Summer Driving Hazards

Did you know that most car insurance claims and car damages occur in the summer months? As Canadians come out from winter hibernation, everyone is out and about soaking up what they can of the short summer months. With more people driving out on the roads than usual, there’s an increased risk for car accidents. […]

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Insurance for Auto Repair Businesses

Now that the weather is getting warmer and Ontario has announced the doubling of limit gatherings and businesses reopening in the next stage of the COVID-19 recovery plan, there is no doubt that there will be more cars on the road again. With that being said, the more cars on the road, the more accidents may […]

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How We Are Supporting Our Community

At Oracle RMS, we believe in connecting with our community!  As a business, we want to support the causes that are important to our community andt is our duty to support various charitable efforts alongside the insurance industry. As our society continues to face a global pandemic, we want to support those who are suffering […]

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Commercial Insurance during COVID-19

For the past three months, Oracle RMS staff has been working hard from home to cater to all areas of our clientele’s insurance needs during these COVID-19 times. While essential commercial businesses continue to operate from their storefront or are internally working from home, there are also many non-essential commercial businesses that had to temporarily […]

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