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Learn About the Mortgage Insurance Premium Tax Deduction

Mortgage insurance premiums can increase your monthly budget significantly. They averaged between $100 and $200 a month as of the end of 2016. But sometimes they’re tax deductible—at least through the end of that tax year. The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act  The Tax Relief and Health Care Act first introduced the mortgage insurance deduction in […]

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10 Tips On How To Lower Car Insurance Rates In 2018 (Auto Insurance)

Auto Insurance / 10 Tips On How To Lower Car Insurance Rates In 2018 Car insurance rates have been increasing, overall, for the past few years, and that trend is expected to continue in 2018. The number of customers receiving an annual rate increase of more than $200 per vehicle has more than doubled during the past […]

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Car Insurance – Find the Right Coverage & Affordable Quotes Near You

Insurance quote car :  Coverage & Affordable Quotes Hit the road with the right car insurance policy Auto insurance is a must if you own a car. Most states require you to carry insurance, and without it, you face financial disaster if you cause a serious accident and get sued. Car insurance can also pay to […]

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What’s the difference between an insurance broker and an insurance agent?

Content courtesy from the Economical Insurance website. When you’re in the market for insurance, knowing who to turn to for advice is an important step in the journey. If you’re unsure about the difference between a broker and an agent, check out the details here before you choose the one that best suits your needs. […]

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Is there anyone that doesn’t want cheap car insurance? Saving money on car insurance is definitely a good thing. In an economy where income has been flat while insurance prices have been rising fast, saving money is good. Like all stories, there’s another side to the cheap car insurance story. What you’ve never been able […]

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In Canada, the highest car insurance rates are found in Ontario and, within the province, the most expensive averages reside in Toronto and the greater Toronto area. One of the best ways to find the lowest prices is through aggressive comparison shopping. With well over 100 companies providing auto insurance in the province though, shopping around […]

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How do I get cheap car insurance?

Everybody wants the best value for their car insurance premium. That’s why Nationwide offers many ways to get low rates, including our car insurance discounts. But what really makes us unique is the quality we offer our members. Here are a few benefits Nationwide members get: Dependable, customizable car insurance – you can choose the auto insurance […]

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Car Insurance Quote

Get Your Quote in 2 Minutes or Less A quote from The General® is free and there is no commitment. You can save your quote at any point during the process and return to it at your leisure. Need Proof of Insurance Now? Follow Our 3 Easy Steps: Get a quote. Purchase your policy. Print […]

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Top 8 Best Term Insurance Plans in India in 2018-2019

In This Post We Consider Top 8 Best Term Insurance Plans in India in 2018-2019 Insurance  What happens if the earning member in the family suddenly collapses and dies? What happens if the head of the family who is earning met with an accident and not in this world? While the loss of the family […]

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