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5 ways to save on rental vehicles

Content courtesy from the Economical Insurance website. When you’re on vacation, costs can really add up — from hotel extras to transportation and tickets to tourist attractions. Why pay more than you have to for a rental car? Here are five ways you can save. 1. Skip the airport rental. While it might seem convenient […]

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First Canadian insurance regulator approves electronic pink slips

Content courtesy from the Canadian Underwriter website. The Office of the Superintendent of Insurance of Nova Scotia has become the first regulator in Canada to permit electronic proof of auto insurance (EPAI). Earlier this month, the provincial superintendent of insurance, William Ngu, released a bulletin outlining the guiding principles permitting the use of EPAI. The […]

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Car insurance claims and betterment charges

Content courtesy from the Economical Insurance website. Being involved in a collision can be overwhelming — so we’re here to make sure complicated insurance terms don’t cause you any additional stress. Here’s what you need to know if you’re asked to pay a betterment charge during your car insurance claim. What is a betterment charge? […]

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